The Shark tendonitis tool
Shark Fin tendonitis treatment


Increased mobility and less pain

Video from Brian Chase of Wentzville, MO.


Invaluable tool for chiropractors, physicians and patients

"I've used the Shark Fin Tendonitis Tool with great results in my tendonitis and tendinopathy patients. The versatility and simplicity of The Shark Fin makes it an invaluable tool for chiropractors, physical therapists, or their patients. The Shark gets my patients better more quickly and efficiently than any other soft tissue instrument I've used. "

- Dr. Christopher Voll


Decreased foot pain

"After many years of ankle and top of foot pain, I find it much easier to walk and I have much less pain, all thanks to The Shark Fin."
- Barb R of Florida.


A Must-Have Tool To Stay Lose and Pain Free

"I've been heavily involved in CrossFit for almost 3 years and did not take care of my muscles like I should have. A couple months ago I started using The Shark Fin to focus on releasing fascia and to relieve sore spots and knots. Lately I've really been focusing on using it on my legs. I've noticed a tremendous difference right away as my legs have become softer, yet stronger and even more defined as the fascia is no longer there restricting the movement of the muscle as it was before. I'm able to stay back on my heels during lifts easier and my knee isn't popping either! Overall The Shark Fin is very easy to use. I've started to use it during warm-ups as well right before a workout to stay flexible going into a lift. It's a must-have tool to stay lose and pain free."

- Kurtis L. Denton, BoxLife Magazine


Fixed trigger finger

"The Shark Fin was the only thing that fixed my trigger finger after a couple of treatments."
Leslie C of Wentzville, MO.



Significant improvement to post-surgery scar tissue

"Following an accident and surgery to repair a fractured calcaneus (heel), a significant amount of scar tissue formed along the incision area as well as along the majority of the bottom of my foot. The result was overall foot stiffness and considerable nerve pain. I was also experiencing pain and muscle stiffness along the back of my leg.

     Physical therapy followed by 6 months of daily stretching and exercise was beneficial, but I reached a point where I was not making advances in overall foot/ankle flexibility. I was also still experiencing a considerable amount of nerve pain.

     I discussed my recovery status with Dr. Bampton and he offered a treatment using what he described as a handheld Shark device. He explained the the purpose was to slowly break up the scar tissue so that it could be dispersed through the lymphatic drainage system, thus returning the injured area to a normal state.

     After a few treatments I began to see results, after a month my foot/ankle stiffness had significantly improved, as did the nerve pain. Walking and daily activities, including work, were becoming more comfortable and my confidence was building. I attribute this success to the Shark treatment."

- John T of Wentzville, MO.


Better than a massage

"This instrument works better than a deep tissue massage." - Amy S of O'Fallon, MO.




Affordable state-of-the-art techniques

"I have been using the"Shark Fin" tool for roughly 3 weeks and am clearly amazed with this instrument thus far. Beyond the "PRICE!!!" (Have purchased various other soft tissue repair devices over the last ten years in practice that not only have cost me thousands of dollars but also hurt my hands and wrists to use them) but I am actually excited to utilize this type of treatment for my patients. In the past I always lamented doing soft tissue work on patients, due to how unfriendly of a position it put myself in. The Shark Fin changes all of that. Patients are now requesting for me to do that "shark thingy" again and I am recommending them to order their own so they can use it at home, which can easily be done with all of the instructional videos. This tool was clearly well thought out and is offered at an VERY affordable price so that the masses can have access to state-of-the-art soft tissue techniques. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product and you will not be sorry you ordered one. "

- Shawn Bradley, D.C., Arnold, MO.


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