The Shark tendonitis tool
Shark Fin tendonitis treatment

Post-Surgical Treatment

If surgery for injured muscles or tendons is necessary, you can use The Shark Fin tendonitis tool to speed up the healing process afterward.


Often times after a surgery is performed, the tissue that was gone through to get to the injury was damaged by the surgery itself. The tissue also has a tendency to be swollen and damaged from the trauma or long-term breakdown of the area from the abnormal wear and tear.


By using the touch-and-feel method described in The Shark Fin instructions, the patient can find the sore and tender spots of scar tissue and be able to heal the damage by applying the Standard Treatment Protocol.


Watch the instructional video below to learn how to use The Shark Fin tendonitis tool after surgery. You can also access all our tendonitis treatment videos from our app for mobile devices.

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