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IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome or IT band syndrome is usually associated with hiking, running, cycling, or weight-lifting.  It is caused by the continual rubbing of the iliotibial band over the lateral femoral epicondyle. 


it band syndrome treatment IT band syndrome usually presents as outside knee pain but may be felt along the entire length of the thigh.  Usually, the pain is felt when the foot strikes the ground and may continue after the activity.  The pain may also be felt below the knee at the insertion of the IT band to the tibia.  The tensor fasciae latae is the muscle that is associated with the IT band.


Use the Standard Treatment Protocol Video to treat your IT Band syndrome by encouraging the healing process while promoting motion. Then watch the instructional video below to learn how to use The Shark Fin to treat your own IT Band injury. You can also access our tendonitis treatment videos from our app for mobile devices.




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