The Shark tendonitis tool
Shark Fin tendonitis treatment

Tennis Elbow, Fisherman's Elbow

Repetitive motion injuries that present on the outside of the elbow such as tennis elbow and fisherman’s elbow are chronic strains of the wrist extensors.  The Shark Fin tendonitis tool is a revolutionary new alternative treatment for such elbow injuries.


tennis elbow self treatmentTennis elbow is not just for those participating in racket sports; it is also common in people who have jobs with repetitive motions in the arm and wrist. 


These types of repetitive motions will cause pain in the muscles, as well as where the muscles attach to the outside of the elbow. The alternative name for this condition is lateral epicondylitis.


The Standard Treatment Protocol Video and the following instructional treatment video for Little league elbow and Golfer's elbow will give you an idea of how to utilize The Shark Fin tendontis tool for your tennis elbow as well.
You can also access our tendonitis treatment videos from our app for mobile devices.



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